AOC Mission: "Dedicated to the preservation of outdoor pursuits in Alaska - hunting, fishing, trapping, and public access - and conservation of the habitats upon which they depend."
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Thank you to the Jack McCombs estate for his generous donation to AFWCF.


Jack McCombs DonationAt the AOC/AFWCF November Banquet in Fairbanks, the Jack McCombs estate donated $240,000.00 to AFWCF.


Check presented here to Bill Iverson, AOC president, by Jack’s daughter Mary Pate and her husband Ken Pate of Anchorage.


He also left us many firearms and artwork to raffle and auction off.


This brings to light the need for all of us to think about estate planning and possibly include AOC in your thoughts.



Land Acquisition in the State of Alaska


Attached is the link to the Federal Register proposed rule which if adopted would negate the enacted Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA) by allowing the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) to transfer 44 million acres of fee simple lands to trust status in Alaska on a case-by-case basis. 


What does that mean to Alaska outdoor folks? At worst 225 recognized tribal entities and possibly 12 Regional and Village Corporations could manage fish and game on their lands. The disruption to fish and game management due to the checkerboard pattern of land ownership in the state is incomprehensible. 


While it is doubtful that any amount of comments from the Alaskan public will make a difference on whether or not DOI adopts this proposed rule the public does have an opportunity to submit comments up until June 30, 2014. Information on where to submit comments by either mail or email is available in the attached link.


Contacting Alaska's congressional delegation may also be of some value.......



“The Alaska Native Subsistence Co-Management Demonstration Act of 2014”


Tell Alaska's lone U.S. Representative Congressman Don Young to drop any attempt to pass federal law allowing private individuals or corporations to manage, and allocate the harvest of wildlife, on state or private lands in Alaska.

Federal intervention into wildlife management on federal lands has been enough of a disaster already. ( two recent example; caribou on Unimak Island, moose on the Kenai Peninsula) Alaskans don't need to put up with any further fragmentation of game management. More federal overreach into state management and allocation of publicly owned game resources won't help put anymore wildfood on Alaskan's dinner table. It will only further divide Alaska's hunting public. Let your Congressman know how you feel about more federal laws taking game management authority away from the State of Alaska.

Please be sure to keep your comments respectful and constructive.



Click here for the Draft Bill


Click here for the Map


Please send your comments to:

Erik Elam at or 202-225-5765.



Here is the site for the hearing on co-mgt. bill





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