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HB161 - "Act relating to auctions and raffles for big game harvest permits and to the selection of nonprofit organizations to conduct auctions and raffles for the Department of Fish and Game"


What do you think of allowing the Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) to donate Alaska big game hunt harvest permits to qualifying conservation organizations? 

How many harvest permits should the department be able to donate? 

Who should the department be able to donate harvest permits to? 

What should the money raised from the raffle/auction be used for?

What hunt conditions should apply to the auctioned hunt?


Representative Lynn Gattis introduced legislation, HB161 to amend the Big Game Auction Permit law, AS 16.05.343. This bill if passed into law would increase (From the current number of 19, up to 42 harvest permits) the already established number of big game trophy animals that ADF&G may donate to conservation organizations to raffle or auction off. Money from these raffle/auctions is divided between ADF&G and organization chosen by the department to auction off the harvest permit. 


Current conditions of the hunt and how much money the organization gets to keep ( the percentage that may be kept by the organizations can very up to 100% of the money raised by the auction/raffle) is determined by the director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation in adherence to AS16.05.343. Currently ADF&G has chosen to take these hunt permits out of the pool of harvestable surplus in drawing hunts open to nonresident hunters. (More information about the current Auction permits can be found the ADF&G website)


Rep. Gattis' bill will add to the numbers and different kinds of game species available for donation to qualified organization that ADF&G may donate. ADF&G determines which organizations qualify and how much of the sell money they can keep, limited only by the governing statute. 


The bill has passed the House and is in Senate Resources S(RES).  


Hunters may send in comments and/or testify before the S(RES) committee or from their local Legislative Information Offices (LIO) on CSHB161this Saturday, March 29,at 3:30pm.  CancelledNew time set for April 2, 2014 - Wednesday 3:30 PM



Link to CSHB161-


Link to Legislative Information Office (LIO) office locations:


Link to Public opinion messages (POM).



“The Alaska Native Subsistence Co-Management Demonstration Act of 2014”


Tell Alaska's lone U.S. Representative Congressman Don Young to drop any attempt to pass federal law allowing private individuals or corporations to manage, and allocate the harvest of wildlife, on state or private lands in Alaska.

Federal intervention into wildlife management on federal lands has been enough of a disaster already. ( two recent example; caribou on Unimak Island, moose on the Kenai Peninsula) Alaskans don't need to put up with any further fragmentation of game management. More federal overreach into state management and allocation of publicly owned game resources won't help put anymore wildfood on Alaskan's dinner table. It will only further divide Alaska's hunting public. Let your Congressman know how you feel about more federal laws taking game management authority away from the State of Alaska.

Please be sure to keep your comments respectful and constructive.



Click here for the Draft Bill


Click here for the Map


Please send your comments to:

Erik Elam at or 202-225-5765.



Here is the site for the hearing on co-mgt. bill




HB 18, "An act providing priority to personal use fisheries when fish restrictions are implemented to achieve a management goal."


It's very important that Representative Stoltze hears from you about this bill. Email him today.


Thanks to Rep. Bill Stoltze's efforts over the last three years, dipnetters now have an opportunity to tell their elected representatives what they want;


A priority -  for Alaskan residents to obtain a publicly owned wildfood resource (fish) over the harvest taken by the commercial fisheries industry in Alaska.


Simple enough, Rep. Bill Stoltze's bill HB18, endorsed by members of both parties; Rep. Hughes, Keller, Gattis, Thompson, and Tuck, Kawasaki, is an opportunity for Dipnet folks to jump up and advocate for themselves or let the House Fisheries Special Committee (FSH) kill the bill 3-4.


If dipnetters want to be elevated above sport, guided sport, and commercial fisheries, AS 16.05.251.(e), they need to let Rep. Bill Stoltze know. Send him an email: .

The public process works, if you participate you get your word heard.

Please make sure you include your name, address and  phone number in your email to Representative Stoltze.





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