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About AOC

Mission: "Dedicated to the preservation of outdoor pursuits in Alaska - hunting, fishing, trapping, and public access - and conservation of the habitats upon which they depend."
Vision: "To unite the voices of our membership and member clubs to effectively represent their outdoor interests in all facets of public policy."

We Are A Council

The Alaska Outdoor Council incorporated with the State of Alaska in 1955. It originated from the three largest sportsmen's clubs in Alaska at the time; the Matanuska Valley Sportsmen's Association in Palmer, the Tanana Valley Sportsmen's Association in Fairbanks, and the Territorial Sportsmen in Juneau. The vision then, as now, was that the united voices of separate clubs are more powerful than standing alone.

We now enjoy the membership of 47 outdoor clubs and collective membership of over 10,000 Alaskans. Our clubs and members include fishers, mountaineers, hunters, boaters, hikers, trappers, campers, pilots, mushers, snowmachiners, atv riders, bow hunters, photographers, and many, many, more.

The service and representation of these members is our absolute highest priority.

With a Commitment to Alaska

Based on extensive input from members and member clubs, here are our goals and commitments:

1. Maintenance of Alaska's fish and wildlife resources and their habitats
2. Perpetuation of hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting rights
3. Assurance of equal access to and the common use of public lands and resources
4. Preservation of critical wildlife habitat
5. Equality among users of public resources
6. Support professional state management of Alaska's fish, wildlife, and habitats
7. Dedication to continued public education on renewable resource management
8. Participation in legislative, regulatory, administrative and judicial policy-making decisions affecting Alaska's natural resources and their uses.

And a Commitment to Members

The primary emphasis of the AOC is to represent our members and member clubs on educational and policy issues of statewide and national importance that cannot be easily handled by individual member clubs.

This translates into many activities, ranging from educational booths at outdoor shows to hiring lobbyists in Juneau. Some other examples include taking the lead on statewide ballot measures, testifying at the Boards of Fisheries and Game, and interacting with Administrative agencies on critical statewide issues.

Our longevity and grassroots membership have made us well-known among decision-makers in Juneau. In fact, the University of Alaska ranked the AOC the most influential outdoor advocacy organization in the state.

Our policies and procedures are derived from the grass roots up. Everything we do, and stand for, comes from the membership. We welcome and encourage your involvement; from participation at the Annual Meeting to serving on a host of AOC Outdoor Committees. The Board of Directors consists of seven individuals that must come from all regions of the state. They are elected by the membership during the Annual Meeting.

To see how you can get involved, contact us.


Bill Iverson

1st Vice-President, Southcentral:
Melvin Grove

2nd Vice-President, Interior
Al Barrette

3rd Vice-President, Southeast:

John Lang

Todd Clark

At Large:
Gary Stevens

Board Members

AOC Board

emailBill Iverson
1st Vice-President

emailGary Stevens
2nd Vice-President, Interior
emailAl Barrette
3rd Vice-President, Southeast:
Ron Somerville
emailTodd Clark

emailMel Grove
At Large:
email Rob Mathews
Executive Director
Rod Arno-Palmer

Adminstrative Director

emailPam Iverson-Soldotna


emailBill Iverson-Soldotna
emailGary Stevens-Birchwood
emailTodd Clark-Anchorage

emailMelvin Grove-Big Lake
At Large
emailAl Barrette-Fairbanks

emailRob Mathews-Delta Junction
emailRon Somerville
South Central

Fund Trustee
email Byron Haley-Fairbanks
emailWarren Olson-Fairbanks

Trust Fund Board

emailChair : Warren Olson
Phone: 907-346-4440
emailVice-Chair: Byron Haley
emailSecretary: Richard Bishop
Trustee: Mary Bishop
Trustee: Kenton Braun
Trustee: Ron Somerville


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