Alaska Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund

Mission: to assist the Alaska Outdoor Council in perpetuating Alaska's outdoor heritage of hunting, fishing, trapping, public access, and gun ownership.

Vision: to utilize education, research, and in limited cases, litigation, to perpetuate Alaska's outdoor heritage of hunting, fishing, trapping, public access, and gun ownership.

Women learn about the outdoors through BOW
Women learn about the outdoors at BOW.

The Alaska Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund (Fund) was certified as a 501c(3) charitable organization in 1983. The general charitable, educational, and scientific purposes of the organization include:
  • Information on fish and wildlife resources, outdoor activities and resource conservation programs;
  • Public education on the American and Alaskan heritage of hunting, trapping and fishing;
  • Litigation if necessary to protect hunting, trapping, fishing, access and scientific wildlife management;
  • Promotion and explanation of wildlife conservation and scientific wildlife management through various media;
  • To provide other organizations assistance in promoting these purposes;
  • Provide information on critical issues affecting fish and wildlife and their uses.
      • The Fund was established with a recognition that public policy decisions are increasingly being made in the courts. In cooperation with Alaska Outdoor Council, the Fund allows us to address all three legs of the public policy stool: administrative, legislative, and judicial. Over the years, it has been directly involved in high profile and statewide precedent cases such as Babbitt v. Alaska and Katie John v. Alaska.


    Alaska Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund - Education & Research

Alaska Trust Fund 



Board Members

AOC Board

emailBill Iverson
1st Vice-President

emailGary Stevens
2nd Vice-President, Interior
emailAl Barrette
3rd Vice-President, Southeast:
Ron Somerville
emailTodd Clark

emailMel Grove
At Large:
email Rob Mathews
Executive Director
Rod Arno-Palmer

Adminstrative Director

emailPam Iverson-Soldotna


emailBill Iverson-Soldotna
emailGary Stevens-Birchwood
emailTodd Clark-Anchorage

emailMelvin Grove-Big Lake
At Large
emailAl Barrette-Fairbanks

emailRob Mathews-Delta Junction
emailRon Somerville
South Central

Fund Trustee
email Byron Haley-Fairbanks
emailWarren Olson-Fairbanks

Trust Fund Board

emailChair : Warren Olson
Phone: 907-346-4440
emailVice-Chair: Byron Haley
emailSecretary: Richard Bishop
Trustee: Mary Bishop
Trustee: Kenton Braun
Trustee: Ron Somerville


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