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Club Benefits

The cost is only $50.00 per year.

We have grown from 3 clubs nearly 50 years ago to 50 today for a collective membership of 10,000+. Your membership will help ensure our voice stays strong, active, and united. Check out our website at www.alaskaoutdoorcouncil.org to see a list of the current member clubs.  Access has become one of our top priorities this last year as without access the rest is all mute.

From the day we began this journey to now, our focus has not changed; we represent Member Clubs and Individual Members on Statewide issues impacting our outdoor rights. >From a full-time lobbyist in Juneau; the Boards of Fisheries and Game meetings; before federal land managers; to the courtroom, we’ve been there for our combined interests. With your membership, we will still be there tomorrow. It gives you a vote as one of our delegates at our annual meeting.

Along the way our goals have not changed – We remain pro-gun, pro-access, pro-hunting, pro-trapping, pro-fishing, and most importantly to you --- PROACTIVE on the issues that matter most to Alaskans. We work to promote the conservation of fish and wildlife; support the right to access and harvest fish and wildlife based on common use, equal access, and sustained yield; support the scientific and State management of fish, game, and habitat; and defend Alaskan’s rights to keep and bear arms.

Our specific policies and priorities are set by Member Clubs at our Annual Meeting. We cannot do it alone - and don’t want to. We need your input and support to ensure we’re on the right track.

This also gets you a posting on our web site and quarterly newsletters.

I hope you will be able to join us.

The Council is growing steadily as more Alaskans recognize that protecting our hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting, and outdoor heritage requires a united voice.

Below is a list of membership benefits and current issues that we are working on. Your commitment to AOC helps keep our public policy and educational efforts strong and looking ahead.

Perhaps most important, your support helps thousands of outdoorsmen and women keep pursuing the activities they cherish, year after year, generation after generation. Whether it’s summer salmon fishing or fall moose hunting, with your help, we’ll be there along stride ensuring these pursuits for future generations.

Thanks again for supporting the Alaska Outdoor Council – we look forward to working with and for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

• Expert policy representation on fish and wildlife issues from long-time Alaskans.
• Active in all levels & branches of government; legislative, administrative, & judicial.
• Educating all ages and genders about responsible outdoor use.
• Official state affiliate of the National Rifle Association.


Sustaining Business Member Benefits

Have you considered becoming a Sustaining Business Member?
$150.00 (Gets Listing in our quarterly newsletter (Outdoor Alaska) and posting on our Web Site at www.alaskaoutdoorcouncil.org.

Alaska’s outdoor heritage is something we all treasure. And, it’s something the Alaska Outdoor Council has been working hard to ensure since 1953. From the halls of Juneau to the Board’s of Fish and Game, we’re committed to ensuring the hunting, fishing, trapping, and access we enjoy today will be here tomorrow.

Your membership plays a large role in this protection. With your help, AOC has grown to be the largest and most recognized voice of Alaska’s hunters, fishers, and trappers. In fact, AOC now has 50 member clubs, 2,300 individual members, and a collective membership of over 10,000.

AOC is working hard on a number of programs and issues. In fact, we spend nearly every dollar on public policy – exceeding the non-profit national average by 30%. The difference? Members and volunteers are the backbone of AOC’s efforts and success.

Please take a moment and start your Sustaining Business membership today. Last, please consider a donation for our lobbying and educational efforts. They make a huge difference in allowing us to respond not only to the issues of the day, but to be proactive in ensuring our interests for tomorrow.


Board Members

AOC Board

emailBill Iverson
1st Vice-President

emailGary Stevens
2nd Vice-President, Interior
emailAl Barrette
3rd Vice-President, Southeast:
Ron Somerville
emailTodd Clark

emailMel Grove
At Large:
email Rob Mathews
Executive Director
Rod Arno-Palmer

Adminstrative Director

emailPam Iverson-Soldotna


emailBill Iverson-Soldotna
emailGary Stevens-Birchwood
emailTodd Clark-Anchorage

emailMelvin Grove-Big Lake
At Large
emailAl Barrette-Fairbanks

emailRob Mathews-Delta Junction
emailRon Somerville
South Central

Fund Trustee
email Byron Haley-Fairbanks
emailWarren Olson-Fairbanks

Trust Fund Board

emailChair : Warren Olson
Phone: 907-346-4440
emailVice-Chair: Byron Haley
emailSecretary: Richard Bishop
Trustee: Mary Bishop
Trustee: Kenton Braun
Trustee: Ron Somerville


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